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No Added Fragrance, No Artificial Color

Negative Effects Of Fragrance On Skin

As many people suffer from sensitive skin, even skin that is not normally sensitive can have adverse reactions to fragrance. Damage from chemicals residing in synthetic fragrance may not show a primary reaction by skin aggravation on the surface. The short-term problems of these chemicals will worsen in the long-term.

Unscented vs Fragrance Free 

When the product does not have an aroma, it is considered unscented because it has no obvious scent. It does not, however, mean that the product is free of fragrance chemicals. All of the ingredients used to make a skin care product—whether natural or synthetic—have an aroma. Sometimes, a product’s original aroma will be unpleasant. That’s why special fragrance chemicals are added to some items to give them a neutral smell. The skin care products that contain these special odor-neutralizing chemicals are considered “unscented.”

Fragrance free skincare products do not contain any type of natural or synthetic that is used to add aroma or acts as an odor asking agent. Fragrance free products can contain essential oil but it is not added due to the aroma but for it's skin benefit. 


No Artificial Color

We do not add any artificial color in our products.